In The Press

2016 Spring Market Tabloid
Interior Design Magazine
Modulare System, Grafico SGB

March 2016 Arizona Foothills
Modulare System, Grafico SGA

Feb. 2016 Kitchen and Bath Design
I Lustri Interior Pendant L8

Oct. 2015 Phoenix Home & Garden
I Lustri Interior Pendants L5, L3, L6
April 2015 Veranda
Tesa Interior Pendant 115
March 2014 New York Times
Moonlight Interior Pendant MOON2.SF

December 2013 Indianapolis Monthly
Funnel Interior Pendant FUNNEL

March 2013 Architectural Digest
Moonlight Interior Pendant MOON2.SF

August 2012 Hospitality Design
Fiati Indoor/Outdoor Sconce 6800.a

July/August 2012 Traditional Home
Clematide Outdoor Pendant SUN9.P.O

July 2012 Residential Architect
Clematide Outdoor Pendant SUN9.P.O

July 2012 Residential Lighting
Akebia Outdoor Sconce SUN6.O

June 2012 Robb Report
Twilight Outdoor Floor Lamp TWIL2

June 2012 Elle Decor

Soiree Trellis SOIR2

Vol. 3 Issue 2 Design Trade
Custom Civetta Conduit Mounted Fixture

June 2012 Custom Home
Clematide Outdoor Pendant SUN9.P.O

May 2012 Elle Decor
Twilight Outdoor Floor Lamp TWIL 1

Spring Summer 2012 Previews
Gazebo STAR1

April 2012 California Homes
Twilight Outdoor Floor Lamp TWIL1

Spring 2012 Luxe Interiors + Design

Ferrovia Interior Pendant 7450

2011 Pacific Northwest Luxe Interiors
Schiara Interior Pendant 12.010

October 2011 Architectural Products
(Discontinued - Biliardo 2510)

Sept. 2011 Arts & Crafts Homes
La Traviata Outdoor Sconce LAR.181

Fall 2011 Renovation Style
Caracoi Interior Pendant 9133.IB.L

June 2011 San Diego Home and Garden
La Traviata Outdoor Sconce LAR.178

June 2011 Sources and Design
Attila Outdoor Sconce LAR.196

May 2011 Interior Design
Attila Path Lights

May 2011 Elle Decor
Nabucco Outdoor Sconce LAR.184

March 2011 Kitchen and Bath Business
Piega Ceramic Interior Sconce 210

2010 Indianapolis Monthly
Best Of Indy - Luxe Lighting

Sept. 2009 Phoenix Home and Garden
Civetta Chandelier 11.600

2009 Nichols Hills News
Tamer Interior Pendant 11.810