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Custom Interior Fixtures


The Designer

46 years of passion, ideas and wonderful creations... and we are still here with a desire to create. All our creations have taken shape in an exceptional setting, surrounded by marvelous landscapes and colors, and have set off on journeys, both near and far, around Italy and the world.

Illuminate Your Space with Unique Elegance: Custom Light Fixtures Tailored Just for You!

Welcome to Ollier Distributors, the industry's leading custom light fixture manufacturer!

We are experts in designing and manufacturing custom-made light fixtures that bring sophistication and extraordinary lighting to your residential or commercial space. We help you get your vision to life by enhancing the appearance of your environment and surrounding to the next level with the help of a custom light fixture. Our designer light fixtures are customized to illuminate your space with better elegance. 

Proceed further and explore what are the custom lighting solutions we offer for you:

About custom light fixture:

Those who want a personalized touch to their interior design can try using our custom light fixture. Our product can elevate your space's functionality and ambience to the next level. When you make use of these custom lights, you can able to grab the below-mentioned advantages:

  • Low Heat

  • Less Power

  • Lesser HVAC Costs

  • Efficiency

  • Spectrum

  • Proximity to plants

  • Remote Operation and Wi-Fi technology

  • Controllability of schedules, spectrum, and dimming

  • Modularity

  • Complete package

  • Daisy Chainable

  • Very simple to install

  • Different Configurations

  • Different Designs or Shapes

  • Solid State

  • Long Lifetime

  • Recyclable

  • Dustproof and Waterproof

  • Return on investment

  • Top notch quality 

  • Quick finishing

  • Enhanced Density

  • More Resin

Our story behind the custom light fixture business:

Ollier Distributors is a service-oriented company that offers 100% customer satisfaction with our custom lighting solutions. Jeff Yetter, Director of Sales, put more effort into building this company and started shining in the designer light fixture business.

With his guidance and leadership, our team is committed to excellence in the lighting industry and becoming a trade-protected company. Out major vision is to provide quality custom lighting solutions to our customers and revolutionize the interior design industry.

Step-by-step process of creating a custom light fixture:

Take a look at the below and explore the step-by-step process we carry over to create a custom light fixture:

  • Initial consultation

At first, we do initial consultation with our clients. Our designers and custom light fixture manufacturers know your requirements and what kind of lighting solution you expect. Accordingly, we will design and manufacture an excellent custom light fixture.

  • Design

After knowing your requirements through the consultation, our professional designers begin to create sketches & renderings. It can help our clients visualize the final product. Feel free to express your opinion during this time to make any changes. We are also happy to receive your feedback and meet your expectations without fail.

  • Production

Once you finalize the design, our experienced craftsman starts using quality materials and advanced tools to manufacture the product. Our experts will be cautious in this step to make proper assemble to complete creating the product. 

  • Installation

We also have installation experts to install the custom light fixtures at the preferred place of our customers. As this task is very challenging, we help our customers by installing them very effectively. We deliver our customers a hassle-free experience from beginning to end. 

Material & quality of custom light fixture:

We have become very popular in this industry due to the material and quality we use to make custom made light fixtures. The materials we use are also certified and hence don't need to worry about any issues in the future. Trust us, and you will never get disappointed in any situation. 

Client  Testimonials

“Ollier Distributors is the best team to meet my custom lighting needs. I am very happy with my restaurant interior look with the help of a custom light fixture. Thank you for satisfying my requirements."

William, Restaurant Owner


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